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IFGA - International Fancy Guppy Association Provides: IFGA membership application. Membership enables access to monthly bulletin, show information, show results and standings, article archive, guppy sources, club contacts, and judging standards.
Breeding Show Guppies Book - Bryan Chin Written from experience and illustrated throughout with over 100 diagrams, tables, and full color photos. Breeding Show Guppies provides readers with how to breed show winning guppies, from selecting the right fish to providing the best aquarium management and health.
Aquabid Site to buy a wide variety of live fish and fish supplies. Site also offers guppies from people worldwide.
Stan Shubel Offers show quality, true breeding strains. Stan is the author of the TFH "Proper Care of Guppies".
Terry Aley Guppy Site Terry is a member of our rmga. He has interesting photos and information on his guppy breeding programs.
Alan Bias - Swordtail Guppies Alan Bias' site is full of genetic information that can be applied to swordtail guppies and delta type guppies. He also has extensive genetic matrix charts and published papers on his research on guppies..
Guppy Associates International Chicago A Charter member of the IFGA, carries a rich tradition in the hobby going all the way back to the formation of the IFGA.  The club was established expressly to promote the guppy through selective breeding techniques and encourages its members to exhibit at IFGA-sanctioned shows.  While the Chicago suburban area is the �club hub,� current members live in Indiana, Iowa and Wisconsin and bring various experience levels to the club from complete novice to master breeder.  If you wish further information about GAIC, you can direct your e-mail request to tgallen40@yahoo.com
South Jersey Guppy Group Located in Central New Jersey with over forty members from New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania
Michigan Guppy Breeders People dedicated to raising and the showing of Fancy Guppies. 
Gateway Guppy Group Based out of Saint Louis, Missouri, the GGA has members throughout the midwestern.
New England Fancy Guppy Association Consist of guppy breeders from the New England area. Member are from Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.
Pan Pacific Guppy Association Serves members throughout Southern California.
Deep South Guppy Associates People from the Deep South region dedicated to the breeding, raising, and the competitive showing of Fancy Show Guppies.
Chesapeake Guppy Club Members from the Maryland, Virginia and  Southern Pennsylvania areas.
Guppy Associate of Greater Cleveland Club members from the Northeast Ohio area and Cleveland
East Coast Guppy Association Club is centrally located in the NY City/ Long Island area.
Australian Guppy Club The Australian Guppy Club is here for all Guppy enthusiasts and was created to give people a place to share their knowledge and experiences in the world of keeping
Brazil Fancy Guppy Association

Brazil Fancy Guppy Association (in portuguese language; Confederação dos Criadores de Guppy do Brasil - CCG) is made up of Guppy breeders from all over Brazil and was formed in 1997.

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