Breeding and Showing Guppies

IFGA Show Pictures

The International Fancy Guppy Association has several affiliated clubs that sponsors shows each year. Exhibitors accumilate points for wins from 1st to 4th place in each color class throughout the show season. At the annual IFGA meeting the winners are announced and given awards. The show at the IFGA annual meeting marks the first show of the show season. The complete list of winners can be seen on the IFGA website. www.ifga.org.

guppy show

Click on the links below to see pictures from the shows listed.

2009 IFGA Annual Show

2010 IFGA Annual Show

2011 IFGA Annual Show
2012 IFGA Annual Show
2013 IFGA Annual Show

2014 IFGA Annual Show

2014 IFGA PPGA Show

2015 IFGA Annual Show

2016 IFGA Annual Show


















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