Breeding and Showing Guppies

Guppy Size Chart - IFGA Standard

By: Bryan Chin

This chart is useful for fancy guppy breeders to estimate the size of their males guppies as per IFGA Standards. I have used this tool I created for many years to estimate the size of my guppies. Male guppies in general should be at least a 6 point body to be competitive at IFGA shows. This chart can make me feel excited about the show season or depressed that my fish are small. Seriously it keeps me on the straight an narrow to raise quality fish. Also if you are working toward being a judge this chart can also help you visually estimate the size of the body and if it has matching tail length. The fish were drawn to have the ideal proportions as per IFGA standards.

It is important that you follow the instructions on printing this image so you will get correct proportions. Measure the boxes to assure that the length of the box matches the indicated measurement written.

Size Chart Image

Printing Instructions

IFGA Guppy Size Chart









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